Inlet Protection

A large part of what we do is protect storm drains from sediment runoff.  Storm sewers, which are put into use before their drainage area is stabilized, can transport large amounts of sediment to natural drainage ways. Inlet protection is temporarily utilized in a drainage area to the inlet or inlets of a storm drain system is disturbed where it is not possible to divert sediment-laden water away from the system. We often incorporate this practice with other sediment trapping devices as part of a broader SWPPP plan to help prevent sediment from being transported into the system and ultimately downstream or offsite. 

Runoff from larger disturbed areas can be routed through temporary sediment traps or a basin. We are able to assess site requirements for contractors, home builders, grading companies, utility companies, and public works operating in inlet areas to find the right solution from filter fabric, gravel or sod filters to protect the waterway.