Meet Our Team

Phillip Lanier at Erosion Carolina

Phillip Lanier

In 2003, Phillip started PandTL while working out of his Dodge Intrepid, strapping rolls of matting to the top of the car, putting concrete washouts in the trunk, and picking up trash on job sites. Today, the company means much more to him than putting baked potatoes and tuna on the dinner table every night. 

For Phillip, PandTL is about building something people can be proud to be part of — taking care of our team members and going above and beyond for our customers.

Phillip spends most days building relationships with customers and training team members on how to best serve clients and our own team members.

Tracy Lanier at Erosion Carolina

Tracy Lanier
Customer Relations

Tracy was slinging a weed-eater and a shovel alongside founder Phillip Lanier in the early days of PandTL.  In fact, she was a Crew Leader for many years!

Today, Tracy spends her days bringing an energy and zest for life to the PandTL team and to our current and prospective clients. Most people can’t hold back a smile for more than 20 seconds when they first meet Tracy.  If you take us up on this challenge and succeed, you’ll win a free PandTL t-shirt!  Good luck!

Richard Morrell at Erosion Carolina

Richard Morrell

Richard loves numbers and spreadsheets and has a terrible sense of humor like many finance guys. He has worked in large corporate environments such as Wells Fargo and Time Warner Cable, where he led teams and was responsible for large budgets and balance sheets. He also worked for the smaller, fast-paced 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, as the Manager of Sport Business Operations. Just prior to joining PandTL, he ran a publicly-traded tech company for a number of years.  

Richard brings ideas and experience to PandTL to help optimize growth, improve processes, and continuously strengthen financial performance and get our customers the best value possible. He is from an agricultural community in Washington State and loves getting out in the field with our crews.

Chad Wilson at Erosion Carolina

Chad Wilson
Field Operations Manager

Chad is well-versed in the construction industry and has experience working for several home builders as a Construction Manager and Project Manager. He knows very well what it is like being on the builder’s side of the fence. This background gives him the knowledge to make the best decisions for any scenario that emerges in the field.  

On any given day, you will find Chad training our team members in the field and building relationships with customers.  

Dylan Crowder
Homebuilder Project Manager

Dylan’s father owned a small construction growing up, so Dylan has been in the construction industry all his life.  On any given day, you can find Dylan out in the field, working with the Field Managers to find the best solutions on our job-sites, building relationships and trust with our customers, and taking lunches to our team members out on site.

And any given weekend, you can find Dylan hunting in a deer stand or fishing on a pond bank.  If you can’t find him there, then he is likely in the grocery store looking for the biggest steak he can find!

Phil Lanier at Erosion Carolina

Phil Lanier
Commercial Project Manager and Hiring Manager

Phil grew up in the company, working on crews during summers and winters throughout grade school. He then attended the University of South Carolina – Columbia, receiving a degree in business and psychology.  Phil went on to work in several different fields to gather outside perspectives.  He returned to PandTL full of energy, ideas, and a love for helping our employees and the customers we serve.

Phil builds relationships with our Commercial customers, helps our Field Managers tackle our Commercial projects, and helps hire the family and team-oriented people we have on our staff to complete those very projects. 

Kristina McKean at Erosion Carolina

Kristina McKean
Human Resources Manager and Controller

Kristina is one of our longest tenured employees and has been able to adapt to the incredible growth of the company.  She came to PandTL with a strong background in accounting, but has grown into a role much more than book-keeping.  She now sits on the leadership board, helping make the best decisions for our company, employees, and team members.

Kristina handles payroll, employee benefits, and vendor relationships to ensure we provide customers and employees with the very best.